The 'Inlet' Surf Top

There's a story behind the names of my bikinis, every single one of them. Some stories are definitely more interesting than others but there's something behind each piece that inspired it's creation. I will eventually reveal all of these stories to you. The 'Inlet' top seems like an appropirate first since it was the first top I ever made. It's the top that started it all. This top was named after my absolute favorite surf spot in Florida and quite possibly the world: 

Fort Pierce Inlet


I lived walking distance from this beautiful State Park for my first semester of college. Needless to say I did more surfing than studying. 

Yep, thats me... missing my pre-calc exam. I surfed my brains out when I lived there and I was constantly stoked no matter what the conditions were. I remember walking to the beach in a bikini one day right before the edge of a front came through. I saw the squall line coming but I pretended it was a rainbow instead of a black streak of death across the horizon. I paddled out and caught a few waves. Ten minutes later gale force winds started howling from the north, the temperature dropped 20 degrees, and it started monsooning with crazy lightning. I walked home in the downpour, shivering and carrying my 9'0" longboard against the wind, smiling. Creating my first bikini top gave me that same stoke :)



The 'Inlet' Surf Top | FayEtte Bikinis

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